It is time for another episode of: NAME THAT FEDORA RELEASE

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Oh, Beefy Miracle, I have relished your name for months, but as your day for widespread consumption (release day) approaches, it is time for the community to choose the name of Fedora 18. This process begins with *you,* dear readers and contributors, as potential names are accepted for submission over the course of the next week, beginning now, March 20th, and ending March 27th (at 23:59:59 UTC, for those of you who can't mustard up any ideas until the last possible second).

Frankly, I'm expecting an a-bun-dance of suggestions, and not just from people who cannot take my punni-ness any longer. Rules and guidelines for suggestions, as well as the location in which you may make your name suggestions, are on this wiki page:

A quick word on details:

You *must* follow the guidelines at the page listed above for your name to be considered. These guidelines include the following items:

* There must be an "is-a" link between the name "Beefy Miracle" (the name of F17) and your suggested name.
* That link must be different from any previous links between release names.
* Names of living people and well-known trademarks will likely be rejected as well.

Schedule details for release naming are also shown on the F18 naming wiki page.

I know that it may be hard to *top* Beefy Miracle (ahahahaha, get it? As in toppings!) but I do have every bit of faith that many of you have already thought of name suggestions that may or may not be more mature, or more neutral with regards to dietary restrictions. :) I do look forward to seeing your suggested names and recommend, as always, to have fun.


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