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Here are the latest changes to the Fedora Packaging Guidelines:


The section of the Packaging Guidelines regarding Compiler Flags has
been updated and improved, most notably, to document handling of PIE
enabled packages.



The prohibition against unnecessary explicit library requires has been
updated with an example of when explicit library requires are useful and
allowed.  The example addresses packages that use features of a library
added after the library initially adopted its current SONAME.



An additional md5 implementation was added to the list of bundling



These guidelines (and changes) were approved by the Fedora Packaging
Committee (FPC).

Many thanks to Kevin Fenzi, Adam Jackson, and all of the members of the
FPC, for assisting in drafting, refining, and passing these guidelines.

As a reminder: The Fedora Packaging Guidelines are living documents! If
you find something missing, incorrect, or in need of revision, you can
suggest a draft change. The procedure for this is documented here:


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