IMPORTANT - Fedora Project Contributor Agreement Signing Window Is Open

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Please take a moment and read this brief email, as it is important.

Fedora is in the process of retiring our old "Individual Contributor
License Agreement" (also known as the ICLA or CLA) and replacing it with
the new Fedora Project Contributor Agreement (FPCA).

All Fedora contributors with accounts in the Fedora Account System
( who have agreed to the old
CLA *MUST* agree to the new FPCA by June 17, 2011 to continue
contributing to Fedora.

Here is how you do this:

1) Login to the Fedora Account System:
2) Once logged in, click on the "My Account" link in the blue box on the
left side of the window.
3) On the page that loads, you will see a section labeled "Account
Details". Look for the line that says "Contributor Agreement". On that
line, you should see a new section that says:

"New CLA Not Signed - We need contributors to sign the new Contributor
Agreement(Complete it now!)"

Click on "Complete it now!" and follow the prompts.


It is important that Fedora Account holders who have signed the old
Fedora CLA sign the new FPCA. We have allotted a window of one month for
Fedora contributors to agree to the FPCA. This means that after June 17,
2011, any Fedora Contributors who have not agreed to the FPCA will have
their "cla_done" flag set to False. This also means that any groups that
they are in which are dependent upon "cla_done", such as "packager",
"ambassador", and Fedora People access will be removed.

There are a few accounts which are exempt from this, specifically,
accounts which are members of the "cla_dell", "cla_intel", and
"cla_redhat" groups. If you do not know what these groups are, you are
probably not in them. :) Accounts in these groups will not see the "New
CLA Not Signed" line on their "My Account" page, and do not need to take
any action at this time.

Please take a minute and login to FAS to agree to the terms of the FPCA,
to avoid loss of access.

More information about the FPCA, including the final FPCA text, can be
found here:

If you have any additional questions about the FPCA or the re-signing
process, please feel free to email me directly at legal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tom Callaway, Fedora Legal

Fedora Project
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