Fedora 16 Naming: Nominations are now open. Submit your suggestion!

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Hear ye, hear ye! Attention, all Fedora fans and release naming enthusiasts:

The time has come once again to choose the name for the next
release of Fedora.  Potential names will be accepted for consideration
beginning March 3rd (in other words, NOW) through March 10.


Please note that you *must* follow the instructions and guidelines at
the page listed above if you want your name to be considered.  For
instance, there must be an "is-a" link between the name Lovelock (from
Fedora 15) and the name you suggest. That link must be different than
previous links for Fedora release names.  Also, we ask that you please
conduct the required searches for brand and trademark names that might
cause us problems.

Read the full guidelines at that page, where you can also find full
schedule details for the release naming process.

For those of you interested in reviewing the history of Fedora
release names, there is an appropriately named wiki page for doing so:


Be fun. Be creative. Help pick out an awesome name for Fedora 16! I am
looking forward to your suggestions.

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