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Title: News Release:

It's Earth Day!

Today and this weekend, celebrate and participate.

Administrator Jackson's Earth Day Challenge
"The first Earth Day showed us what we can accomplish when we come together in service. This year, on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day and EPA, I'm asking you to help us continue the legacy of environmental service work and help make our communities healthier, our economy stronger, and our country more competitive.

"If we all do our part, Americans 40 years from today will look back and remember this generation as one that helped build a better future for everyone."  Watch the full video.

Breaking News:  It's My Environment video compilation released
We challenged everyone to show us a simple environmental action, and we got nearly 100 entries.  Watch how people of every age do their part to protect the environment, and then send us your clip!

Watch the video
Instructions on how to participate

Can you count to 5? Then you can help protect the environment!

Last week, we launched the revamped Pick 5 for the Environment program with new actions you can choose.  More than 1400 people have signed up since then, coming from 45 countries.

Commit to at least 5 actions
Get out this weekend and do something for the planet, then share your stories on Facebook and pictures in Flickr (especially before/after comparisons).

Please join the conversation on our new open government Web site.

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