Re: [PATCH 0/17] crypto: api - Change completion callback argument to void star

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On Mon, 6 Feb 2023 18:21:06 +0800 Herbert Xu wrote:
> The crypto completion function currently takes a pointer to a
> struct crypto_async_request object.  However, in reality the API
> does not allow the use of any part of the object apart from the
> data field.  For example, ahash/shash will create a fake object
> on the stack to pass along a different data field.

"different data field" == copy the value to a different structure?
A bit hard to parse TBH.

> This leads to potential bugs where the user may try to dereference
> or otherwise use the crypto_async_request object.
> This series changes the completion function to take a void *
> argument instead of crypto_async_request.
> This series touches code in a number of different subsystems.
> Most of them are trivial except for tls which was actually buggy
> as it did exactly what was described above.

Buggy means bug could be hit in real light or buggy == did not use 
the API right?

> I'd like to pull all the changes through the crypto tree.  But
> feel free to object if you'd like the relevant patches to go
> through your trees instead and I'll split this up.

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