ecryptfs doesn't load with kernel > 5.0.8

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after an update from kernel 5.0.8 to 5.1.2, the ecryptfs module doesn't
load successfully anymore for me.

It boils down to this error message, as far as I understand the topic:

  kernel: ecryptfs: Unknown symbol key_type_encrypted (err -2)

With the help of the Arch linux forum users (see thread here, we found out that
ecryptfs works fine with newer kernel versions for people without a TPM
and for those with TPM with TxT enabled in the BIOS; but for me the TxT
option is disabled in the BIOS so this isn't a solution. (As ecryptfs
works fine with kernel 5.0.8)

Now I'm unsure wether this is a bug or what's going on, so I'm happy
about any ideas.

Thank you in advance,

Daniel "juphu2Va"

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