Re: [PATCH 0/6] security/keys/encrypted: Break module dependency chain

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On Tue, 2019-03-19 at 14:01 -0700, Dan Williams wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 11:18 PM Dan Williams <dan.j.williams@intel.c
> om> wrote:
> > 
> > With v5.1-rc1 all the nvdimm sub-system regression tests started
> > failing because the libnvdimm module failed to load in the qemu-kvm 
> > test environment.  Critically that environment does not have a TPM.
> > Commit 240730437deb "KEYS: trusted: explicitly use tpm_chip
> > structure..." started to require a TPM to be present for the
> > trusted.ko module to load where there was no requirement for that
> > before.
> > 
> > Rather than undo the "fail if no hardware" behavior James points
> > out that the module dependencies can be broken by looking up the
> > key-type by name. Remove the dependencies on the "key_type_trusted"
> > and "key_type_encrypted" symbol exports, and clean up other
> > boilerplate that supported those exports in different
> > configurations.
> Any feedback? Was hoping to get at least patch1 in the queue for
> v5.1-rc2 since this effectively disables the nvdimm driver on typical
> configurations. Jarkko, would you be willing to merge it since the
> regression came through your tree?

The reason I sent out the RFC was to see if the people who actually
wrote the code had any reasons they needed the current way of doing
things preserving.

I think your series looks fine except you need to export
key_type_lookup (patch 2) before you use it (patch 1) to preserve
bisectability of builds.


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