RE: combination of cifs and ecryptfs not working - readonly problems

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This issue sounds very similar to this one I brought up in 2014: 

I never got to the bottom of why it was occurring - but did look at the
kernel code at the time to see what was going on but I cannot recall what I
found out.

Best regards,


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On Sun, 2 Sep 2018, Hans-Joachim Kliemeck wrote:
> remote cifs server:
> seems to be a proftpd with mod_sftp (with CIFS Unix Extensions), but i

This sounds....rather exotic :-)

I tried to emulate your setup with a standard Samba v4.8.2 server but 
could not reproduce the issue:

# mount | tail -2
//sid0/test on /opt/backup/remote-encrypted type cifs
/opt/backup/remote-encrypted on /opt/backup/remote type ecryptfs

...and rsync did finish w/o errors. So maybe we'd need to look at the 
server's mod_sftp log files to see what's going on here..?

Note: Hetzner appears to support many other backup mechanisms[0], 
including BorgBackup, that may be something to look into.


BOFH excuse #355:

Boredom in the Kernel.

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