Dropbox dropping support for Ecryptfs!?!

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Hi.  It appears that Dropbox is discontinuing support for Ecryptfs.

Starting in early November, Dropbox says they will no longer sync to
Dropbox folders living in Ecryptfs file systems.

The claim is that, for the sake of compatibility and stability, they are
ending support for "certain uncommon file systems" and will henceforth
support only ext4 for Linux, NTFS for Windows, and HFS+ or APFS for MacOS.

I received a notification last night (Thu. 8/14) identifying two of my
computers -- one hosting my Dropbox files in Ecryptfs on ext4, and the
other using ZFS on LUKS -- saying Dropbox would no longer work on these
systems after November 7.

When I wrote to request further technical details as to exactly why they
were no longer willing to support Ecryptfs, I got an uninformative
answer which simply repeated the above and suggested LUKS as an
alternative full disk encryption solution.

So I guess I'm faced with either converting to ext4-on-LUKS, or else
looking for an alternative to Dropbox.  Unless someone here feels up to
the challenge of armtwisting Dropbox into taking an expanded view of
things? :-)

Rich Wales

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