Can't list directories with kernel 4.4.14 and ecryptfs

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I'm using ecryptfs with Slackware current and kernel 4.4.14. In kernel
4.4.14 was a patch introduced which make it impossilble to list the
contents of a directory.[0]

The mount itself works, but listing a directory results in an error
"wrong medium type". Showing the contents and the file itself (presumed
the name of the file is known) works.


henry@subnote:~$ ecryptfs-mount-private 
henry@subnote:~$ echo "foo bar" >Private/foobar
henry@subnote:~$ ls -l Private/foobar
-rw-r--r-- 1 henry users 8 Jun 27 18:13 Private/foobar
henry@subnote:~$ cat Private/foobar
foo bar
henry@subnote:~$ ls Private/
ls: cannot open directory 'Private/': Wrong medium type
henry@subnote:~$ cat Private/foo*  
cat: 'Private/foo*': No such file or directory

henry@subnote:~$ ls .Private/      

Output of dmesg:

[  946.181961] Error opening lower file for lower_dentry [0xffff88008d532180] and lower_mnt [0xffff8800bbf90f20]; rc = [-124]
[  946.181973] ecryptfs_open: Error attempting to initialize the lower file for the dentry with name [/]; rc = [-124]

See also [1]

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