An new, fast and "unbreakable" encryption algorithm

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I've developed a new encryption algorithm, which dynamically changes
the key according to plaintext and practically impossible to break. I
also opened to public with MIT&GPL dual License.
It is also quite fast; ~80% faster than the fastest mode of AES
without cpu instruction set support.
I will present a paper on a Turkish National Inet-tr 2015 Symposium on
3 December:
It is a very simple and yet efficient logic. Anyone who looks at the
self documented(in English) C code at
 may understand why and how it is unbreakable.

I simply use the key as a jump table and, with every encrypted byte, I
change the jump table(the key) as a result of 3-4 parameters including
the last plaintext byte itself. Briefly, I encypt the plaintext with
the key and also dynamically encrypt the key with the plaintext.
The code is self documented in English.
On Linux simply
gcc HohhaDynamicXOR.c -O2 -Wall
will make integrity checks and print benchmarks. It is production ready.
Other algorithm results are the output of the "openssl speed" command.
If I am right; you will not be disappointed to include "Hohha Dynamic
XOR Encryption Algorithm" on Linux Kernel.

I will be glad to see my algorithm included in Linux distributions.

Ismail Kizir
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