Re: DMA Driver Template Stub

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Hello Vinod,

is it worth putting effort into kind of that?


Am 19.09.2023 um 16:26 schrieb Eric Schwarz:
Hello Mailing List,

what is your opinion about creating a driver template stub, which is regarded as gold standard, which driver implementers can copy then?

This template should be properly maintained.
Fixes should then be made first to that template and then be ported to the actual driver implementations.

I have seen quite some isolated locking fixes and also others on the mailing list which does not guarantee a homogenous quality standard.

As an example the altera-msgdma driver had been once derived from the zynqmp-dma driver but quite some fixes, improvements and extensions only made it back into zynqmp-dma and not the altera-msgdma driver (including a spinlock fix).

Apart we wouldn't maybe need to change 59 files in the future, twice.


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