Re: [PATCH 2/2] dmaengine: apple-sio: Add Apple SIO driver

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On 01-08-23, 23:55, Martin Povišer wrote:

> > can you use virt_dma_chan, that should simplify list handling etc
> I looked into that when I wrote the sister driver apple-admac.c, I don’t
> remember anymore why I decided against it, and I don’t think it came up
> during review. Now that this driver is done, I hope we can take it as is.
> There’s some benefit from the drivers having a similar structure, I sent
> one or two fixes to apple-admac for things I found out because I was
> writing this other driver.

And this would be a chance to covert the other one and get rid of list
handling code in that driver as well

> >> +};
> >> +
> >> +#define SIO_NTAGS		16
> >> +
> >> +typedef void (*sio_ack_callback)(struct sio_chan *, void *, bool);
> > 
> > any reason not to use dmaengine callbacks?
> Not sure what dmaengine callback you mean here. This callback means
> the coprocessor acked a tag, not sure how we can fit something dmaengine
> onto it.

Okay lets understand, how is this one used


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