Re: [PATCH v10 00/12] dmaengine: edma: add freescale edma v3 support

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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Frank Li <>
> On Fri, Jul 07, 2023 at 03:00:17PM -0400, Frank Li wrote:
> > This patch series introduces support for the eDMA version 3 from
> > Freescale. The eDMA v3 brings alterations in the register layout,
> > particularly, the separation of channel control registers into
> > different channels. The Transfer Control Descriptor (TCD) layout,
> > however, remains identical with only the offset being changed.
> @vkoul:
>   Do you have chance to check these patches again? I fixed all problem
> that you said.
>   All audio parts of i.MX8x and i.MX9 was dependent on these patches.


> Frank
> >

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