Re: [PATCH v4 0/4] Introduce fdtgrep for subsetting and hashing FDTs

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On Sun, Nov 07, 2021 at 03:43:42PM -0700, Simon Glass wrote:
> Note: This was last sent 6 years ago. It really belongs upstream and I
> believe it is useful functionality for libfdt, so I am trying again.
> Please take a fresh look at this. It is cut back from the previous series.
> If accepted we can expand the feature set piece by piece from here.

Sorry it's taken me so long to look at this.  Again.  I can't dispute
that it's useful for certain use cases.  But as for belonging

This series adds quite a lot of conceptual complexity.  It introduces
a new data structure, new state structures, a entirely new mode of
working with a tree and a bunch of configuration parameter types on
top of the new entry points and new tool.  I still find the semantics
of the different criteria for inclusion/exclusion from a region pretty

That makes me pretty disinclined to add this to the scope of
maintenance for libfdt.  As you've probably noticed, I'm already
struggling to keep on top of maintenance for the existing libfdt
interfaces.  AFAICT everything here can be implemented fairly
naturally in terms of libfdt's existing public interface. so I'm not
really seeing a compelling reason for this to be merged into libfdt,
rather than being its own separate library that depends on libfdt.

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