Re: [PATCH V4] Support 'r' format for printing raw bytes with fdtget

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On 2021-12-09 07:52, David Gibson wrote:
On Thu, Dec 09, 2021 at 07:14:20AM +0100, Rafał Miłecki wrote:
From: Rafał Miłecki <rafal@xxxxxxxxxx>

FT is sometimes used for storing raw data. That is quite common for
U-Boot FIT images.

Extracting such data is not trivial currently. Using type 's' (string)
will replace every 0x00 (NUL) with 0x20 (space). Using type 'x' will
print bytes but in xxd incompatible format.

This commit adds support for 'r' (raw) format. Example usage:
fdtget -t r firmware.itb /images/foo data > image.raw

Support for encoding isn't added as there isn't any clean way of passing
binary data as command line argument.

Signed-off-by: Rafał Miłecki <rafal@xxxxxxxxxx>

Applied, thanks.

Thank you!

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