DTC 1.6.1 released

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Hi folks,

It's been a while, and someone asked for it, so I've wrapped up
another numbered release, v1.6.1/

Changes since v1.6.0 include:
 * A number of bugfixes
 * Fix many warnings with -Wsign-compare
 * Add compilation with meson (not used by default so far)
 * Yet another revamp of how we handle unaligned accesses
 * Added a number of extra checks for common tree errors
   * Checks for interrupt providers
   * i2c reg properties
   * Tighten checking of gpio properties
 * Reduce dependencies when building libfdt only
 * Allow libfdt.h header to be used from C++ more easily
 * Accept .dtbo extension for overlays
 * Update valid node and property characters to match current devicetree spec
 * Add several checks for root node sanity in fdt_check_full()
 * Somewhat more robust type labelling for the benefit of yaml output

You can get it from the v1.6.1 tag in the git tree at

Or, you can get tarballs at

David Gibson			| I'll have my music baroque, and my code
david AT gibson.dropbear.id.au	| minimalist, thank you.  NOT _the_ _other_
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