Re: [ceph-users] quincy v17.2.6 QE Validation status

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On Tue, Mar 21, 2023 at 4:06 PM Yuri Weinstein <yweinste@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Details of this release are summarized here:
> Release Notes - TBD
> The reruns were in the queue for 4 days because of some slowness issues.
> The core team (Neha, Radek, Laura, and others) are trying to narrow
> down the root cause.
> Seeking approvals/reviews for:
> rados - Neha, Radek, Travis, Ernesto, Adam King (we still have to test
> and merge at least one PR for
> the core)
> rgw - Casey

there were some java_s3test failures related to i've added the fix to, so a rerun
should resolve those failures
there were also some 'Failed to fetch package version' failures in the
rerun that warranted another rerun anyway

there's also an urgent priority bug fix in that i'd really like to add to
this release; sorry for the late notice

> fs - Venky (the fs suite has an unusually high amount of failed jobs,
> any reason to suspect it in the observed slowness?)
> orch - Adam King
> rbd - Ilya
> krbd - Ilya
> upgrade/octopus-x - Laura is looking into failures
> upgrade/pacific-x - Laura is looking into failures
> upgrade/quincy-p2p - Laura is looking into failures
> client-upgrade-octopus-quincy-quincy - missing packages, Adam Kraitman
> is looking into it
> powercycle - Brad
> ceph-volume - needs a rerun on merged
> Please reply to this email with approval and/or trackers of known
> issues/PRs to address them.
> Also, share any findings or hypnosis about the slowness in the
> execution of the suite.
> Josh, Neha - gibba and LRC upgrades pending major suites approvals.
> RC release - pending major suites approvals.
> Thx
> YuriW
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