Re: [ceph-users] pg wait too long when osd restart

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When you say "osd restart", what sort of restart are you referring to
- planned (e.g. for upgrades or maintenance) or unplanned (OSD
hang/crash, host issue, etc.)? If it's the former, then these
parameters shouldn't matter provided that you're running a recent
enough Ceph with default settings - it's supposed to handle planned
restarts with little I/O wait time. There were some issues with this
mechanism before Octopus 15.2.17 / Pacific 16.2.8 that could cause
planned restarts to wait for the read lease timeout in some


On Fri, Mar 10, 2023 at 1:31 AM yite gu <yitegu0@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> osd_heartbeat_grace = 20 and osd_pool_default_read_lease_ratio = 0.8 by
> default, so, pg will wait 16s when osd restart in the worst case. This wait
> time is too long, client i/o can not be unacceptable. I think adjusting
> the osd_pool_default_read_lease_ratio to lower is a good way. Have any good
> suggestions about reduce pg wait time?
> Best Regard
> Yite Gu
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