Ceph Leadership Team meeting 2022-09-14

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A short meeting today:

- quincy-release branch (17.2.4) is being tested
  - some intermittent package availability issues in test runs [1],
    but things look good now
  - since quincy-release branch wasn't built for ubuntu jammy, but
    the default version was bumped to jammy, krbd suite needs to be
    scheduled with -d/-D options
  - suspicious rados and ceph-volume failures are being investigated,
    if nothing comes up, LRC upgrade would follow
    - Yuri may need some help with this

- ceph.io DKIM/DMARC verification failures (Dan)
  - causing real pain in some exchange configurations
  - also reported here [2], may be an unfortunate side-effect of
    ceph.com -> ceph.io transition and the forwarding that was set up
  - Mike will raise this with Adam and also internally at Red Hat

[1] https://lists.ceph.io/hyperkitty/list/sepia@xxxxxxx/thread/MNEM25OISSVVJSDAXYWN7RECFUQADCD5/
[2] https://lists.ceph.io/hyperkitty/list/ceph-users@xxxxxxx/thread/WEDIAGBRIVP46ZMJQICVZGQ2E7Y65WWZ/


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