Ceph Leadership Team Meeting Minutes (2022-07-13)

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Here's today's minutes:

* Moved clt-weekly-minutes prior to 2022 to
https://pad.ceph.com/p/clt-weekly-minutes-pre-2022 in hopes of
stopping crashes/reconnects
* Ceph Foundation board update:
  - Cephalocon: pursue virtual event with in-person meetups at
different geo regions
  - Look into resuming Ceph Days
  - The budget is limited for the reminder of the year due to costs
associated with Cephalocon cancellation (twice)
  - Marketing/outreach for the Ceph project is a new (or elevated)
priority for the board. This is a multifaceted problem with outreach
to new potential developers, new business use, new architecture/system
use, etc.
  - There are plans to improve the youtube channel to have shorter
videos with easily digested content (as part of the marketing drive)
  - (Marketing dominated the CLT meeting today; there will be followup
meetings with tighter focus.)
* A new compatibility issue has been identified as part of the new
"getvxattr" RPC in CephFS. An announcement will be forthcoming along
with hotfix releases.
* The last Octopus release is in testing. Hopefully should be ready in
the coming days.
* The teuthology queue is paused. RHEL images are unusable due to
satellite server issues. We're hoping a fix will be available soon.

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