Re: Cyrus SASL and Postfix : is it really reading my config files?

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>As I understand it, Postfix will be asking Cyrus SASL to read the
>"smtpd.conf" file (because my Postfix config parameter "smtpd_sasl_path"
>is set to smtpd).  However, I'm not sure that this is really
>happening.  In particular, I have set logging to be 7 (highest level
>defined in sasl.h) and I don't see any additional logging going on. 

You could definitely determine if that file is being read by running
a system call tracer (e.g., strace) on postfix at startup; I was under
the vague impression that those files are under /usr/lib/sasl/something
but running strace would let you know for sure.

>I'm also trying to enable the MD5 challenge/response authentication
>methods---whether this is legal or not for sasldb is unclear from the
>documentation---and adding them to the mech_list doesn't seem to be
>propagating into Postfix.

Here's my understanding of that:

- To use CRAM-MD5 you need access to the original secret (e.g., the
  plaintext password).
- That should work fine with sasldb (I've done that before)
- It doesn't work with saslauthd.  I only mention that since that has
  come up before.

In my memory it is always figuring out the correct SASL 'realm' when
you're using CRAM-MD5 and sasldb that can be a bit of a pain.


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