Re: SMTP SSO with Postfix, GSSAPI and Samba4 AD

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If you have THIS, then at least the hard part of configuring postfix is

Some things to check:

- There should be some kind of log message from postfix with hopefully
  a useful error (I do not know where postfix logs its errors, but probably
  somewhere in /var/log).
- A lot of daemons fork and exit, that's why the process ID from postfix
  shown in systemd does not exist.  You should be able to find the actual
  process id with 'ps'.
- A common problem is that the keytab does not have the correct
  permissions; a lot of time the keytab is owned by root and I suspect
  postfix is running as 'postfix' or some other non-root user.  If this
  is the problem the error message logged should be relatively self-


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