Sasl client SMTP AUTH PLAIN syntax

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Hello there,

I have a tricky issue and cannot find any solution for it.
The issue looks like the following:
I have a postfix server which relays all emails to another mail server.
The postfix server have to use AUTH PLAIN for authorization, TLS is enforfec for security.
Therefore I configured postfix with cyrus sasl.

I can see that my configuration is working and cyrus generates the correct base64 string for authorization and postfix uses this too by sending the following line:


The receiving server response with: 500 syntax error
Because of this I tested the communication manually using openssl and I was able to find the main issue, the receiving server needs to have the following dialog: (C: Postix, S: receiving instance):
S: 334
C: AG5zc0RTaFRYL2krc25jdjA=

Is it possible to use this longer syntax by doing some changes in cyrus?

Thanks for your help,

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