Rules of engagement for cyrus-sasl contributions

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Hello list,
as of recently I am working as the Red Hat maintainer for the cyrus-
sasl package taking over from Jakub Jelen.

I am writing to ask what is the correct way to engage with regard to
patch review and getting work done in general. I have submitted a few
PRs to the github tree over the last few months but I've seen no
reaction so I am wondering if I need to ping any individual
specifically or need to drop a message here, or anything else.

I am planning to write some more patches, for example we would like to
move away from any custom cryptography implementation in our packages
and I found DES, RC4 and MD5 algorithms implemented in the package.
I would like to replace them with simple calls to the OpenSSL EVP
interface but it is not clear to me that is is ok, and how to deal with
other platforms I do not have access to (like Mac OS X).

Any guidance ?


Simo Sorce
Sr. Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat, Inc

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