Docs and 2.1.27 and threads

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I have not had time to look at all the docs to see what changed, but we have had a problem here with a multi-threaded program calling sasl_client_init multiple times in parallel and getting crashes and hangs.

I've found various comments inside code and on the web about which routines are vs. are not thread-safe, including that the sasl_set_* routines are not, but I have not seen anything
that says "make sure you don't have parallel calls to sasl_client_init"

Can there be some kind of note somewhere about thread safety?

Sometime, if I have time, I will be trying to make sasl_client_init thread-safe if possible, probably using static pthread locks (in a library, static locks are the ONLY way to guarantee no parallel mutex lock creation, which is a big no-no) but I got stuck on a non-sasl customer issue which might take me a long time.

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