Re: saslauthd with mech "kerberos5" generates a lot of ldap-load

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Le 28 mars 2018 09:31:50 GMT+02:00, thom_schu@xxxxxx a écrit :
>> I presume you have /etc/nsswitch.conf configured to use sssd for
>> resolution, and that you have 'auth_mech: unix' and
>'unix_group_enable: 1'
>> set in imapd.conf.
>> If you do not make use of group based ACLs, consider turning off
>> unix_group_enable. If you do make use of it, use pts/ldap. "Unix"
>> resolution can be very inefficient, as you would typically iterate
>over an
>> entire group tree to resolve group membership on each authentication.
>"unix_group_enable: 0" solved my problem, thank you !
>What for is the "auth_mech: unix" ? For group management I understand,
>I can have
>a mailbox for a group, then imap needs to know who is member of this
>But with "unix_group_enable: 0", what for is the auth_mech needed ?

That's the user/password database or other external authentication mechanisms (tickets, ...) such as Kerberos.

Normally, that's documented on man pages.

>When I shut down
>the local user management (sssd), everything seems to work.

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