Re: SASL 2.1.27 rc6

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I'm running in to this:

additional info: SASL(-1): generic failure: Unable to find a callback: 32775


but with GSSAPI, and not GSS-SPNEGO.

In the following scenarios:

ldapwhoami/heimdal -> slapd/mit
ldapwhoami/heimdal -> slapd/heimdal
ldapwhoami/heimdal -> Microsoft AD

But these work:

ldapwhoami/mit -> slapd/mit
ldapwhoami/mit -> MS AD

I can set security properties with the libldab library (ldap.conf(5)). I
tried playing around with maxbufsize, since there are hints that may be
related when searching on google, but it had no effect.

All Heimdal tests are using version 7.5.0, manually compiled.

Do you have suggestions of where to debug?

On 12/20/17 10:14 -0600, Dan White wrote:

I'll try to lab up my original test case (for bug 3480) tomorrow

On 12/20/17 11:00 -0500, Ken Murchison wrote:
We haven't had much, if any, feedback on this release candidate.

Do the GSSAPI/LDAP folks have any further comments on

I'd really like to make a final release by Christmas as promised, but I also don't want to make a release that folks will have to patch immediately.

Dan White

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