Re: Enabling cyrus-sasl for gssapi

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On Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2017 11:36:33 -0600 Dan White <dwhite@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 12/15/17 12:21 -0500, Mark Foley wrote:
> >
> >> I would personally not use saslauthd in the above manner [authenticating with
> >> sendmail].  If you have a controlled environment where your clients
> >> (Thunderbird) are known to support GSSAPI negotiation over the network, then
> >> configuring Sendmail to support GSSAPI directly is secure and recommended.
> >
> >The "configuring Sendmail to support GSSAPI directly" is the bit that got my
> >attention.  To clarify, in order to do Sendmail and GSSAPI directly I *do* need
> >SASL, but *do not* need saslauthd, right?
> Yes, that's correct. You'd configure Sendmail to use the GSSAPI
> authentication plugin, but not PLAIN or LOGIN, which would make saslauthd
> irrelevant.

But, I do need SASL for Sendmail, right? Just not saslauthd?

Also, you mentioned in a previous email that to build sasl, in my ./configure, I

./configure --enable-gssapi=<DIR>

> The directory should point to to where your kerberos library and headers
> are installed.

First of all, how did you know that's what "<DIR>" means? I couldn't find
anything about that on the website, in the installation instructions or in the
doc/ files, or by searching the web.

Other than that, I have libraries from the Samba4 installation in: 


And Kerberos related Samaba4 header files in:


I've also just installed Heimdal Kerberos. Libraries are in:


and these newly installed header files are in:


I'd like to try using the Heimdal that came with Samba4. I can point the library
DIR to /usr/lib64, but what about the headers? Do the Samba4/Heimdal headers
look like what I need for the build?

If that's not going to work, I'll try building against the new Heimdal install.
In this case, what would my =<DIR> be? /usr/heimdal ?

THX --Mark

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