Re: [cyrusimap/cyrus-sasl] add warning about plugindir mismatch (issue #473) (2ea0649)

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On 9/15/2017 9:10 AM, flowerysong wrote:

I'm not sure what the utility is to having a hard-coded default install location that doesn't respect the setting from --with-plugindir; it would seem better to me to change to set sasldir to the same value as plugindir. People who need the current behaviour would be able to override sasldir with e.g. make sasldir=/usr/lib/sasl2 (an approach we currently use to make sure they're installed to plugindir) but it would be more difficult for people to end up with a broken install.

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For me, that is the issue....I need sasldir and plugindir to match, but there is no way to set sasldir, so I had to patch it to be settable.

My patch also checks that the 2 match, INSTEAD of comparing to something hard-coded.  Having them match anyway would fix that.

-       @if test "$(plugindir)" != "$(prefix)/lib/sasl2"; then \
+       @if [ "X$(sasldir)" != "X$(plugindir)" ] ; then \

Here's what I do in Makefile after patching:

SASL2.32 = $(USRLIBDIR)/sasl2
SASL2.64 = $(USRLIBDIR)/sasl2/$(MACH64)

CONFIGURE_OPTIONS.32 += --with-plugindir=$(SASL2.32)
CONFIGURE_OPTIONS.64 += --with-plugindir=$(SASL2.64)
CONFIGURE_OPTIONS.32 += --with-sasldir=$(SASL2.32)
CONFIGURE_OPTIONS.64 += --with-sasldir=$(SASL2.64)

That's a lot of trouble to go to just to get them to install and be looked for in the same place.

Jan Parcel, Software Developer
Oracle Systems Server & Cloud Engineering

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