Re: telnet hangs on the sasl2 part

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Op 2-6-2017 om 23:41 schreef Alexander Dalloz:
Am 02.06.2017 um 08:31 schrieb Roelof Wobben:
pwcheck_method = auxprop
auxprop_plugin = sasldb2
mech_list = plain login cram-md5 digest-md5 ntlm

That's wrong syntax. That mistake creates the very same Postfix error log messages for me too testing your issue.

Correct it to:

pwcheck_method: auxprop
auxprop_plugin: sasldb2
mech_list: plain login cram-md5 digest-md5 ntlm


Sorry, that were typo's from me.
The real file looks like what you have stated.


you are right, I also cannot find a reference to saslauthd
I Only see that if I do not start it , I see error messages in my maillog.

The sasld has as owner postfix: root as the documentation on the postfix site is saying.
I have checked and on the smtp rule chrooted is set to N.


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