Failover for ldapdb doesn't work when packets are dropped by iptables

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we're trying to move from auxprop sasldb to ldapdb. Everything is working fine with both cyrus-imapd and sendmail. Even failover seems to be working (with multiple entries for ldapdb_uri), but only if the client gets a reject of some sort. Initially I tried to simulate the failure of the primary LDAP server with an iptables rule that dropped the packets. That led to a 30 second timeout and no failover taking place:

<~  334 xxx
~> xxx
<~* Timeout (30 secs) waiting for server response
*** No authentication type succeeded

Only when I changed the DROP to a REJECT in the iptables rule did the failover work as expected. I realize that a server that's down usually behaves like a REJECT rule, but I still would think that there should be a configurable timeout after which a failover takes place in the DROP scenario as well. In my 15+ years as a sysadmin there have been several occasions where servers were nominally running but didn't reply anymore, which would be just like that scenario.

Thoughts? Am I overlooking something?

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