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Ok thanks, i've never used Kerberos before, I'm gonna give it a try, to see if it can dispatch an auth request to various backends (LDAP, SQL, ...)

Right now, Thomas Harding's idea of an openldap instance as a proxy is just what I needed, given that all my backends are openldap servers

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Re: a proxy for multiple sasl instances

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Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2017 14:54:43 -0400
From: Giles Malet <gdmalet@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: a proxy for multiple sasl instances
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Thomas Harding <tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Why don't use an Openldap instance as proxy ?
Or what about using PAM? It's designed for exactly this "stacking". We have saslauthd configured to talk to PAM, and then two different KRB servers stacked up. If auth fails on one, it tries the next. You could do the same for LDAP.



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