Re: Compiling Cyrus-SASL GIT master on Solaris 11.3

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Hi Matthias,

> There is indeed only a, but no libobj.a. The same behavior can be observed on a Solaris 11.3 sparc.

the Solaris ar doesn't create empty archives. As a workaround you can
create an archive with one element and delete it afterwards ;-)

   cd .../cyrus-sasl-.../lib/.libs/
   ar cru libobj.a server.o
   ar d libobj.a server.o
   ranlib libobj.a

Then you have an emtpy libobj.a and you can resume the sasl build.

Kind regards,


Stefan Rapp
TU Dortmund
IT & Medien Centrum
D-44221 Dortmund

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