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I want to mention that adding SASL_CB_LOG callback and reinstalling cyrus library seemed to get pass the problem.


On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 4:09 PM, Ted Yu <yuzhihong@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I use the following code for calling sasl_client_init():

    callback->id = SASL_CB_GETPATH;

    callback->proc = (sasl_callback_ft) &GetPluginPath;

    callback->context = (void *)(sasl_plugin_dir_path.c_str());


    /* user */

    callback->id = SASL_CB_USER;

    callback->proc = (sasl_callback_ft) &Simple;

    callback->context = const_cast<char *>(user_name_.c_str());


    /* termination */

    callback->id = SASL_CB_LIST_END;

    callback->proc = NULL;

    callback->context = NULL;


    rc = sasl_client_init(callbacks);

sasl_client_init() returned 0.

But the following:

    const char *mechusing, *mechlist = "GSSAPI";

    do {

      currentReturnCode = sasl_client_start(sconn_, /* the same context from above */

           mechlist, /* the list of mechanisms

            from the server */

            NULL, /* filled in if an

            interaction is needed */

            &out, /* filled in on success */

            &outlen, /* filled in on success */


gave me -4.

I saw this auth log:

  Mar 14 09:01:33 5f4a350528ca client-test: No worthy mechs found


# ls /usr/lib/sasl2

Is there any lib which was missing ?


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