return value from sasl_client_start()

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I use the following code:

  do {
    rc = sasl_client_start(sconn_, /* the same context from above */
        mechlist, /* the list of mechanisms
     from the server */
        NULL, /* filled in if an
     interaction is needed */
        &out, /* filled in on success */
        &outlen, /* filled in on success */
  } while (rc == SASL_INTERACT); /* the mechanism may ask us to fill
  in things many times. result is SASL_CONTINUE on success */

  if (rc != SASL_CONTINUE) {
    LOG(FATAL)<< "Cannot start client ("<< rc << ") ";
    return false;

In one run, rc was SASL_OK.

Can someone confirm whether SASL_OK meant that the client didn't actually start ?


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