Re: [cyrusimap/cyrus-sasl] Convert sasl man pages to rst (#15)

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On 12/12/2016 05:05 PM, Nicola N wrote:

Then we can ship man pages and have their html equivalent available for web view.

A la cyrus-imapd's setup.

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Durn, I have about 14 man pages I just got done converting to the 2.1.26 format so I could contribute them upstream.

man3 $ ls
sasl_auxprop_add_plugin.3    sasl_encode64.3            sasl_set_alloc.3
sasl_canonuser_add_plugin.3  sasl_erasebuffer.3         sasl_set_mutex.3
sasl_client_add_plugin.3     sasl_getcallback_t.3       sasl_seterror.3
sasl_client_plug_init_t.3    sasl_server_add_plugin.3   sasl_utf8verify.3
sasl_decode64.3              sasl_server_plug_init_t.3

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