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On 06/29/16 12:38 +0400, Sergey via Cyrus-sasl wrote:
cyrus-sasl can build with "--with-plugindir=" option.
How can application find it ? I see what Cyrus-IMAP,
Courier-IMAP and some can do it but Postfix can't.

If I found the right place in the code of Postfix
it uses a hard definition at compile time:

   *path = strdup("/etc/postfix/sasl:@libdir@/sasl2");
   *path = strdup("/etc/postfix/sasl:@libdir@/sasl");

I attempted to lookup to Cyrus-IMAP code but not found
implementation search of plugins.

The plugin path is hard coded within the sasl glue library (libsasl2), and
can be overridden using the sasl_getpath_t callback.

See sasl_callbacks(3), and the doc/plugprog.html and doc/programming.html
files in the source.

Cyrus Devel:

Is the docs/ directory available on the website? I can't find them.

Dan White

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