Re: Is ldapdb an auxprop plugin?

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On 03/23/16 19:15 -0700, Jan Parcel via Cyrus-sasl wrote:
I need to provide a libsasl2 package that lets sysadmins decide how they want to configure
sasl at runtime.

For mech plugins, it appears that I can get an application to ignore an installed plugin using

But for auxprop plugins, I do not seem able to force ignoring the ldapdb plugin using
auxprop_plugin:   or canon_user_plugin:

The simplest way to prevent ldapdb from being initialized is by removing
the ldapdb shared library from your filesystem, or removing the containing
package, assuming it's not statically compiled into libsasl2.

I've verified using pluginviewer (2.1.26) that auxprop_plugin,
and canon_user_plugin do not prevent ldapdb ldapdb_canonuser_plug_init from
being called on ldapdb.

I don't see any open bug reports about this, so please go ahead and open

Dan White

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