How to clone head for cyrus-sasl? git I got was ancient

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The ChangeLog and NEWS files for the cyrus-sasl I pulled today show 2012 as the latest changes and
2.1.26 as the latest.

Also, I want to file some bugzilla bugs, but the tree doesn't look like the tarball I download for 2.1.26, so
some of the files I had to patch are not in there.

As an example, I had to patch config/libtool.m4 to keep it from forcing --no-verify regardless of config arguments.

How can I verify whether my bugs would still exist in the latest code? Or should I just file them as they appear to me with the tarball and then discuss them after filing them?

Thanks in advance for any help!

My issues (not counting the CVE patch):

1-cyrus-sasl-CVE-4122.patch               104-gssapi-gssapi-h.patch
101-libtool-m4-overrides-no-verify.patch  105-do_request-fix.patch

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