Re: Bug: cyrus-sasl fills systemd journal with SQL debug messages

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(I'm re-adding cyrus-sasl to the CC)

On 10/06/15 18:45 +0200, P. Wagner wrote:
On 10/06/15 15:30, Dan White wrote:
The shotgun approach for reducing the impact on your syslog is to > modify your syslog daemon configuration to disregard auth.debug >

Not possible, because the systemd journal itself stores everything it gets sent, and _additionally_ (with CentOS default config) sends copies of all messages to an rsyslog daemon which is in fact configured to ignore auth.log messages by default, so none of the messages end up in a "plain text log file", but instead are piling up in the binary systemd journal file only. But I don't want this irrelevant noise in my journal if I didn't ask for it.

Is this not configurable within systemd?

You didn't comment on Viktor's findings/patch - is there a valid reason why the connection handle parameter of log() is set to NULL and prevents postfix from handling the messages? The messages are logged with facility "auth", not "mail", so it's not a message passed to postfix and then sent to syslog by postfix, but it's logged by the cyrus-sasl module itself straight to syslog, despite log_level set to 0

Or, put another way, are you unable to confirm this behavior on a systemd distro, or on an arbitrary non-systemd distro whose syslog daemon has been configured to log auth.debug messages somewhere? If I reconfigure rsyslog on my old Ubuntu 12.04 servers to log auth.debug, I can see the auxprop sql messages there as well, despite log_level set to 0. If I understand correctly, I shouldn't, or what else do I need to set to make it stop?

I suggest opening a bug report, or attaching your findings to any existing
bug reports, and include any links you have regarding systemd behavior in
suppressing auth.debug. And of course, include links to any patches that
you feel address this problem.

Dan White

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