[PATCH] Making use of GNU autotools right aka fixing a ton of issues

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Hi folks,

we recently had to deploy Cyrus SASL on HP-UX (for OpenLDAP) and did notice that
most of the configure stuff simply does not work and is a problem on several
operating systems.

Therefore, we have removed all outdated and *autogenerated* autoconf files from
the repo which can be automatically generated anyway, updated .gitignore and added
a working builconf/autogen.sh from curl which does a great job. Additionally, we
have added cmulocal because the Git master is not usable without that.

This should put an end to all the pain and suffering people have experienced
during a manual build.

There are several open issues in the Bugzilla as well as reports on the mailing
list which have been fixed by this change:
https://cyrusimap.org/docs/cyrus-sasl/2.1.25/readme.php KNOWN BUGS

Change in 
https://cyrusimap.org/docs/cyrus-sasl/2.1.25/install.php Quick and Dirty:
"If you're checking this directly out of CVS, you'll need to run "sh ./SMakefile"
 to build the configure script first." to
"If you're cloning this directly from Git, you'll need to run "./buildconf" to
 build the configure script first."

All changes have been made on top make Git tag 2.1.26 and can be replayed on master
if you wish.

Here is the branch: https://github.com/michael-o/cyrus-sasl/tree/cyrus-sasl-2.1.26-bugfixes
Here is the diff against 2.1.26: https://github.com/michael-o/cyrus-sasl/compare/cyrus-sasl-2.1.26...michael-o:cyrus-sasl-2.1.26-bugfixes

Changes have been tested on RHEL, FreeBSD 9.3 and HP-UX 11.31. This should also
work for Solaris and the rest which had problems with.

Please review, we've put several days of effort in this.


Michael Osipov
Siemens AG

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