Re: avoid cyrus-sasl implementations of encryption?

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On 04/13/15 18:12 -0700, Jan Parcel wrote:
Can I get cyrus-sasl to use encryption from the O.S. and not implement any of its own?
I am told that everything except md5 already does this if I'm using openssl.

The DIGEST-MD5 plugin uses openssl for DES related functions. The
implementation of the plugin is based on RFC 2831, and presumably reuses
openssl code where it can.

Is there a way to get the md5 plugin to use openssl instead of its own encryption?

If not, how do I find out the maximum key length provided by the plugin?

See the RFC, or '[sasl]pluginviewer -m DIGEST-MD5'.

I need to know what is needed to comply with any export laws wrt implementing encryption.

Dan White

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