Re: "strings -a" still shows password: BDB0073 DB_NOTFOUND

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On 03/12/15 16:58 -0700, Jan Parcel wrote:
saslpasswd2[9455]: error deleting entry from sasldb: BDB0073 DB_NOTFOUND: No matching key/data pair found

I get the same error message regardless of whether I am creating or deleting a user, but after a deletion, sasldblistusers2 shows the user gone, but strings -a sasldb2 | grep 5678 still shows the password in there (in the clear, obivously.)

I don't mind a bogus error message but leaving the password behind is not OK.

A previous mail said "take care for the domain" -- is there a command to find the domain?

I have tried removing bubba or bubba@beerhall, either way the user is gone and the passwd remains. I also tried saslpasswd2 -d -u beerhall bubba, same result, user is gone, passwd remains.

This is a function of the db library (bekerley) handling how data is stored
and cleaned up on disk. Consult its documentation for how to force data
compaction/cleanup, or find a way to dump and restore the data on disk
after deleting an entry.

Dan White

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