Re: to much syslogging by default

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On 01/27/15 17:28 +0100, Pavel Reichl wrote:

while authenticating SASL fills syslog with lines containing following strings:

GSSAPI client step 1
GSSAPI client step 1
GSSAPI client step 1
GSSAPI client step 2

I don't think this should be printed at default debug level.

Would it be possible to change priority of this messages to not be printed by default?

I also tried to work around this problem by creating our own log callback but it seems to be ignored as logging is called with NULL context, so no callbacks are searched...if I read the code correctly.

params->utils->log(NULL, SASL_LOG_DEBUG, "GSSAPI client step %d", text->state);

What is your configured log_level (if any), and what log level are you
logging at in your syslog config?

Dan White

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