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On 04/05/14 17:50 +0200, Andrea wrote:
I'm trying to configure postfix to authenticate with both an SQL server and
an IMAP server.

My smtpd.conf:

pwcheck_method: auxprop saslauthd

auxprop_plugin: sql
sql_engine: mysql
sql_hostnames: xxx
sql_user: xxx
sql_passwd: xxx
sql_database: xxx
sql_select: SELECT password FROM LoginUsers WHERE LoginUser = '%u@%r'

You should also have:

allowplaintext: 1
saslauthd_path: /var/spool/postfix/var/run/saslauthd/mux

My /etc/default/saslauthd says:

OPTIONS="-c -m /var/spool/postfix/var/run/saslauthd -r -O"

I'm able to do this things:
1) just auxprop works, if I telnet and make AUTH PLAIN with mysql user, OK
2) just saslauthd works, if I telnet and make AUTH PLAIN with imap user, OK
3) auxprop saslauthd with mysql user works, if I telnet and AUTH PLAIN with
mysql user OK
4) auxprop saslauthd with imap user DOESN'T WORK, if I telnet and AUTH
PLAIN with imap user FAILED

This should work. What version of cyrus sasl are you using? Does it make
any difference if you change the order to 'saslauthd auxprop'?

What output do you receive in syslog (auth facility)? Include 'log_level:
7' in smtpd.conf to increase logging output, and verify you are capturing
'auth.*' in your syslog config.

Dan White

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