Re: Do not allow some ids to authenticate

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	Userid (Ex. jwh2 or jwh2@xxxxxxxxxxx)Š  Not identdŠ  IP works.  But if
they change IPŠ  

Jim Howell
Cornell University
CIT Infrastructure, Unified Comm.
Msging Group, Lead Email Specialist
email: jwh2@xxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 607-255-9369

On 10/22/13 9:17 AM, "Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz"
<jose-marcio.martins@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>On 10/22/2013 02:31 PM, Jim Howell wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 	I wouldn't normally ask a Sendmail question in this list but I'm not
>> where else I can ask it.  In the Sendmail Access database is there a way
>> to disallow specific ids from authenticating to send email??
>> Jim
>ID or IP ? If ID from the result of identd... I'm not sure this is
>possible. And even if it is, not
>sure the information is reliable. It's usually better to disable identd.

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