Re: question re. credential caching by saslauthd

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Dan... Thanks!

A couple of follow-ups if I might (inline, below)...

Dan White wrote:
On 03/02/13 21:26 -0500, Miles Fidelman wrote:

Which leads to several questions:

- what's going on being the obvious one - is this a Cyrus SASL behavior, or is there some caching going on elsewhere (i.e, by the postfix smtpd)?

- what's the default setting for the cache timeout?

- is there a way to flush the credentials cache?

See the manpage for saslauthd, specifically the '-c' and '-t' options.

The default timeout is:

saslauthd/cache.h:#define CACHE_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT           28800

yup.. saw the man page, thanks for pointing out the default - can I assume that's in seconds?

Restarting saslauthd should flush its cache.

That's a critical piece of info.
To better understand the scope of the problem, try trouble shooting with
imtest, smtptest, testsaslauthd (with '-s smtp', and '-s imap'), and

Which I had thought to do testsaslauthd differentially with -s smtp and -s imap - to see if they gave different responses. Thanks for the pointers to the other tools!


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