Re: Allocating sasl connection state: generic failure

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On 02/13/12 23:38 +0100, Per olof Ljungmark wrote:

I am in the process of upgrading my laptop from FreeBSD-8 to 9-STABLE,
thus also rebuilding a LOT of ports.

I now notice that Postfix stopped to work with SASL AUTH (TLS and
unencrypted is fine), and it appears that the problem is with
cyrus-sasl2. I've gotten as far as building the sample server and
client and when I try to start sample-server it returns
"sample-server: Allocating sasl connection state: generic failure"

Could someone please with better knowledge take a look at the trace
below (follow the link) and possible find out where the problem lies?
Most likely something I screwed up myself...

The command was
ktrace -f ./ktrace ./sample-server -s host -p ../plugins/.libs
but I get the same result regardless of options


Which version of cyrus sasl?

This page briefly mentions the error in conjunction with sample-client:

I see what looks like DNS activity just before the error is printed. You
can try restricting which shared libraries are loaded to see if you can
narrow the problem down to a particular plugin:

cat >> /usr/lib/sasl2/sample.conf <<EOF
mech_list: plain
auxprop_plugin: sasldb

(for sample-server)

Adjust the path accordingly (your --with-configdir=DIR). The same config
could be applied to your postfix sasl smtpd.conf for testing.

Dan White

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